Types of Insurance Services


The company provides about 30 types of insurance services on the basis of obtained licenses, including:

  • Motor Insurance
    • Programs of motor insurance (hull)
    • Mandatory insurance of civil liability of land vehicle owners (MCLLVO)
    • Voluntary insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners  
    • Motor parks insurance


  • Property Insurance
    • Private property insurance
    • Express-insurance of apartments, summer cottages, private houses
    • Insurance of documents
    • Insurance of movable and immovable corporate property, assets under construction, insurance against breakdowns of machines and mechanisms, and inventory insurance
    • General third party liability insurance


  • Personal Insurance
    • Voluntary health insurance of groups of 10 or more persons (VHI)
    • Accident insurance
    • Health insurance in case of illness
    • Insurance of persons traveling abroad and within Ukraine


  • Different types of liability insurance