Private Joint Stock Company European Insurance Alliance

Was found on September 22, 1994

Charter capital: 55,000,000 UAH

Based on the received licenses, European Insurance Alliance PJSC carries out more than 30 types of obligatory and voluntary insurance, namely, vehicle and property insurance, personal insurance and responsibility insurance.

European Insurance Alliance PJSC is multiple winner of national programs and rates: "TOP 100": The Best Financial Sector Companies of Ukraine, The Best Top Managers of Ukraine, Guard of Brands etc.

In 2019, European Insurance Alliance received a nomination award "Green Energy Innovation Projects Insurance" within the framework of the Business Support 2020 event from the magazine "TOP 100 Ratings of the largest“.

In 2020, European Insurance Alliance won the XV - ALL-UKRAINIAN COMPETITION "INSURANCE COMPANY OF THE YEAR - 2020" in the special nomination "Leader in the organization of quality medical assistance for insured persons with medical insurance".

The company provides more than 30 types of  insurance services on the basis of obtained licenses, including:

  • Insurance of property risks
  • Car insurance (CASCO, OMTPLI, MTPLI)
  • Obligatory types of insurance
  • Medical insurance