Property insurance of legal entities

• Insurance of movable and immovable property.
• Property insurance during construction.
• Insurance against breakdowns of machines and mechanisms.
• Insurance of goods.
Insurers can be - enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership.

What can be insured:
• constructive elements;
• interior decoration;
• furniture;
• production and trade equipment;
• stocks, goods and storage.

Insurance is provided against the following risks:
• Fire, smoke, soot and corrosion gas, arson, stroke of lightning.
• Natural disasters: strong wind, tornado, whirlwind, hail, torrential rains, snowfall, flood, landslide, soil subsidence, earthquake, mountain landslide and avalanches, volcanic erution, the action of underground fire, talling snow and iciclesfrom buildings.
• Explosion, collision of ground vehicles, crash of manned aircraft, their parts or cargo carried by them.
• Water damage and other liquid damage: property flooding with liquid due to damaged water supply, drainage, heating systems, false start of firefighting systems, penetration of liquid from other premises.
• Burglary, robbery, intentional damage, destruction of property.

Insurance during the period: from 6 months to 1 year.
The cost of insurance depends on:
• list of insurance risks,
• the required insurance period,
• the type of activity carried out by the enterprise,
• object of insurance,
• deductible (amount reimbursed by the Insured),
• availability of means of protection at the enterprise.

The term for payment of insurance indemnity is 15 working days from the date of submission of all necessary documents.

When insuring enterprises and institutions, a break in production activities can be insured, namely the costs incurred by the enterprise as a result of property damage (fixed costs, net profit). A break in production activities can be insured only in combination with a property insurance contract.