European Insurance Alliance PJSC offers a wide range of health insurance programs for employees of any enterprise considering their specificity.

Voluntary health insurance programs provide for payment of medical services provided to insured persons in health care facilities.

A typical program includes provision of comprehensive medical care:

  • outpatient;
  • inpatient;
  • emergency;
  • dental;
  • medications supply.

Insurance premium depends on the insured amount, the volume of medical services determined by the insurance program, and the category of medical institution providing medical care.
At the request of the insured, the program may include additional options: preventive treatment (vaccination, vitaminizing); office first aid kit, recreation (swimming pool, gym); health care policy for traveling abroad etc.
Specific insurance program is developed by experts of the insurance company with consideration of preferences of the insured and their financial capabilities.
To prepare the insurance program adapted to your team, please fill in the application form and send it to one of the following email addresses: or

The main advantage of European Insurance Alliance PJSC is its own round-the-clock service center.

Short-term health insurance program "Journey" provides insurance coverage for the time of a business trip around Ukraine. This guarantees payment for health services provided to the insured in the event of an accident or sudden illness requiring emergency assistance.
For the time of international business trips, we offer to take out the international health care insurance policy. Insurance policy for traveling abroad is an objective necessity as it helps avoid unforeseen costs of the insured person, which can result from a sudden health disorder or accident.