For MCL policy owners: free consultation and legal protection in case of accident!
Dear customers, 
To protect your rights, freedoms and legal interests in case of road accidents and various crisis situations, European Insurance Alliance PJSC launched cooperation with Kyiv Union of Advocates.
During the effective period of your policy of mandatory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners (MCL) purchased from European Insurance Alliance PJSC, you are guaranteed to receive:

  • Free one-time consultation of lawyers in case of an accident involving a vehicle covered with MCL (24/7).
  • With your express consent: free protection and presentation of your legal rights, freedoms and interests in cases of administrative violations in accidents, which includes completely free work of lawyers on studying accident materials, participating in hearings of first-instance and appellate courts, and taking other measures provided for by the effective legislation of Ukraine to establish and prove your innocence and absence of your guilt in committing a traffic accident!

For more information, please call: 093 271 00 80, or come to our office: 28 Yamska St., Kyiv, or visit