General characteristics of medical assistance

  • Advice of IA doctors or a trusted clinician, organization of service.
  • Doctor appointment
  • Delivery of medicines
  • Hospitalization
  • Quality control of treatment
  • Payment of bills for medicines and healthcare for insured persons

24/7 round-the-clock healthcare organization around Ukraine

  • Personal medical assistance
  • The number of assisting staff (VMI) together with the back office is 18 people
  • The average length of service of a medical assistant is 10 years
  • All coordinating doctors have higher medical education
  • The availability of separate doctors to serve the VIP-insured
  • Virtual ATS - more than 700 incoming calls daily
  • Average load per incoming call processing staff - more than 45 calls
  • Number of insured people per coordinating doctor - more than 500 people
  • Availability of a quality assurance manager
  • Chat-bot in Telegram messenger